Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Real Estate services

Schedule of legal fees for the acquisition of real estate older than five years
Calculating costs for an amount of : 100000 €
submit an additional amount, minimum transaction of 1500 € :
This information is indicative only. The exact amount of fees will be provided after reviewing your file..
Legal fees Amount % of fees
Proportional remuneration 1483 € 17.71 %
Remuneration schedules on formalities 600 € 7.17 %
Costs and expenses 400 € 4.78 %
Applicable taxes 5890 € 70.35 %
Total fees 8373 € 100 %
Breakdown of the calculation
Proportional Remuneration
Base Minimum Maximum Rate Amount
6500 € 0 € 6 500 € 4 % 260 €
10500 € 6 500 € 17 000 € 1.65 % 173 €
43000 € 17 000 € 60 000 € 1.10 % 473 €
40000 € 60 000 € 0.825 % 330 €
Total remuneration excluding taxes 1236 €
Total remuneration including taxes (TVA 20%) 1483 €
Remuneration for official paperwork  (estimated)
Civil status, extracts of Acts, Town planning, Land Registry... 600 €
Costs and expenses (estimated)
Statements of mortgages , cadastral plan... 400 €
Applicable taxes
Land registry (4,50 %) 4500 €
Communal tax (1,20 %) 1200 €
Assessment charges (0,09%) 90 €
Real Estate security tax (0,10%) 100 €
Total 5890 €
Estimated Grand Total 8373 €

Buying a property in France

In France, legally constituted property transactions require the presence of a public official.

Deeds of sale are executed by "Notaires". The French Notaire is similar to a sollicitor. They have a monopoly over the transfer of property deeds and a very good knowlegde of property market.

Property sales in France take place following the principle of written consents.

Before the official deed of sale, whereby ownership of a property is transferred to the purchaser, there is a prelimanary contract. For the prelimanary contract you can sign a private agreement with the seller. The preliminary contract commits the seller and the purchaser to a deal they will conclude by the final deed of sale.

For your protection it is better to sign a prelimary contract with a Notaire, or at least make contact with one, before signing with an estate agent.

Before signing the deed of sale there is a period of two or three months. During this period the Notaire will make inquires in order to verify ownership, permissions and any administrative charges concerning the property. The Notaire must also check for any outstanding mortgage and take into consideration the fiscal consequences of your purchase. He will also provide information about the french laws, particularly regarding the effects of the property transaction on your will.

The deed of sale must be registred by a Notaire.

The Notaire can represent both sides : the seller and the buyer. The purchaser is also allowed to have a second Notaire to assist him. Having two Notaires will not increase the fees as the fees are shared by the two Notaires and are lower than real estate brokers' commissions.

In France, the seller's Notaire is sufficient for legal purposes, however you are under no obligation to accept the Notaire of the estate agent.

After the signing, the Notaire registers the deed and pays the taxes at the applicable office. He keeps the original deed and gives you a certified copy called "copie authentique" that will be your title.

Property appraisals

Our staff in this department are qualified, experienced and have extensive knowledge of the territory and this provides our guarantee of effectiveness.

Where the appraisal service is commissioned and the valuation used, after sales service is assured. In other words, in cases where the property value estimated by the tax authorities is disputed with respect to sale, inheritance or division of property, the client will be assisted: for response to comments and requests for relief, please contact us.

This role ends when the procedure becomes contentious.

The basic cost of a valuation for a single dwelling house is 180 euros excluding taxes. This does not include additional fees for special requirements and charges for distance, etc.. This charge is not payable if the appraisal is made ??for the purpose of selling the property and the negotiation is entrusted to our firm.

Real estate negotiations

Our firm offers full service to our customers: consultation on buying and/or selling, property valuation, drafting the act of sale, advice on re-investment of funds, property management . One of the firm principals speaks excellent English. The real estate negotiation is performed under the highly regulated framework of the Office of the Notaire and the Order of the Minister of Justice of 27 May 1982.

As public officials, we are bound by the duty of care which is imposed upon us in all our activities. We can pursue that activity as part of a mandate for which we can not do the canvassing .

Realestate negotiation is an incidental activity to our firm, for which we need to demonstrate independence, fairness, impartiality and objectivity.  We communicate with overseas contacts  in order to more widely disseminate our offers.

The fees for the negotiation are priced according to the decree of March 8, 1978, as are almost all activities of Notaires:

From 0 to 45 734.71 euros: 5% before tax

Above 45 734.71 euros: 2.5% before tax.

This fee, over and above the ordinary costs of the sale, includes the remuneration of the firm and for the most part, the collection of duties owed to the Treasury.

To find our current listings, arranged by category, click on "Property Sales" in the menu above.

The prices indicated are inclusive of fees, meaning that only the ordinary costs of the sale are payable in addition to the price.

These offers do not constitute an offer to sell and are not permanent, as some properties may have been sold since they went online.